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2018 Warwick High School Senior Micah

Warwick High School Senior Guy

Just at the edge of Warwick School District (Lititz, PA) nestled in the woods lives Micah’s Grandmother. The entire backyard just popped with fall colors which created the perfect backdrop for most of Micah’s senior pictures. Heading back to a familiar place brought back lots of memories though. One of my favorite shots of Micah ended up on the tree where he used to hang out with his cousins. Way up high in a little tree house you can sit and dream and draw without anyone looking over your shoulder. It felt like the perfect place.

Warwick High School Senior Guy

It was great fun listening to Micah share about his involvement in dance and music at school and sing one of his favorite pieces for me. Heading for graduation brings up questions of “What are your plans for the future?” and so we talked about college and his love for the environment among other interests. I liked that he has some concrete ideas but seems to be open and flexible depending on which college he will get in.

Warwick High School Senior Guy

Micah, I wish you all the best as you finish one part of your journey here in Lancaster County and start the next leg who knows where. Can’t wait to hear where you’ll go. You will do great no matter where.

6 thoughts on “2018 Warwick High School Senior Micah

  1. Great set of images. We don’t have Senior portraits in Northern Ireland which is a pity as the formuliac school photos are kids get are not anywhere near as creative as these.

    1. Senior pictures are often done in the summer but some wait until later. You can submit personal senior portraits to be added to the yearbook usually until the end of the year so fall is definitely a great time to still get them done.

  2. This is absolutely an amazing home! Just wow! So gorgeous it looks like it is something out of a magazine! I wish him the best of luck in the future!

  3. Love these senior portrait pictures. I’m sure he is glad to have these vs the ones they make you take in the high school. Handsome guy and good luck in the future.

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