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Building Fairy Gardens With Grammy

This is what lifestyle photography is all about. Documenting moments in your life that hold special meaning. Macy, Stella and Pippa get to build their own fairy gardens with Grammy Marian every year. It’s an annual tradition by now and one that all four are looking forward to. Marian adds a few new items to the collection every year. It was fun to watch each girl figure out how to place her items.

Just like their different personalities so are their fairy gardens, unique and full of surprising elements.

Family Lifestyle - Grandma and Granddaughters building fairy gardens

Posing—a little traditional, a little out-of-the-box

Posed group shots don’t have to be boring and stale. We took our time to stroll through the park close to Marian’s home. Trees in groups or off into the distance, grassy areas and open shade were all taken into account and creatively used to create natural poses.

family lifestyle children grandparents natural light

What story in your life do you think of right now? Is it time to document this moment in form of a picture storybook?




6 thoughts on “Building Fairy Gardens With Grammy

  1. Love this tradition. I was going to do it with my grand kids this summer but ran out of time.

    1. Sharon, I sure hope you can do this next summer or any other special tradition. Those moments are so special and your Grandkids will always remember them.

  2. I LOVE this idea! What a perfect tradition, creative and hands on, imaginative love it!

  3. What a lovely tradition, beautiful memories created and captured by Lancaster County’s most talented photographer!

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