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Watching a potter work makes for a fascinating lifestyle branding session

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Have you ever had the chance to watch a potter at work? As soon as Karen touched the clay I could see her demeanor change. A light went on in her eyes, her fingers came to life as they touched and formed and smoothed the clay into shape. You could just feel that Karen loves working the clay. That to me is what personal branding photography is all about. It is way more than a basic headshot or product image. Getting to the core of your business and telling your story from the heart is what makes these images so powerful.


Building Fairy Gardens With Grammy

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This is what lifestyle photography is all about. Documenting moments in your life that hold special meaning. Macy, Stella and Pippa get to build their own fairy gardens with Grammy Marian every year. It’s an annual tradition by now and one that all four are looking forward to.