fun, colorful, modern business portrait

Branded images for a primary color loving, process driven entrepreneur

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Session Location: Supply in Manheim and Lancaster County NW River Trail. Creating images with personality for a business that is all about technology and systems and works with clients almost 100% online is a challenge. When so much of the clients work happens through in-depth thought processes it becomes even more of a challenge. Clients […]


Jenny and her service dog Benny inspire others through their art

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“I want my art to inspire people to respect those with disabilities, to help us all treat one another with understanding and compassion.” Jenny Riddle Jenny Riddle and her service dog, Benny, are both painters. Since birth Jenny has had a genetic condition called Williams syndrome, which causes medical problems, especially with her heart, and […]

female cancer patient looking through veil

Nobody Chooses Cancer | Powerful Women Portraits

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Cancer crashes into your life and knocks you over. All of your well laid plans for the coming weeks and month come to a stand still as you grapple with the reality of what just hit you. This past week I was privileged to document a part of my friend Nicole’s story in stunning, powerful portraits. I wanted to create images that portray the many facets of emotions you might go through on a day to day or week to week basis. I wanted to create images that allow you a glimpse into the soul of a woman fighting cancer.


Relax, it’s just a camera!

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How would you describe your comfort level in front of a camera on a scale of 1-10? Ten means that you can’t get out of bed in the morning quick enough to be in front of the camera and strike a pose. You absolutely love this experience and it makes you feel amazing. One on the other hand means that as soon as you see a camera you run as fast as you can. Hiding is your first instinct as you cringe at the thought of having your picture taken.