Female Athlete Portraits: Raw, Strong & Feminine

A portrait series celebrating female athletes.

Female Boxer Theresa Fackler, Lancaster PA

You are a woman. You are an athlete.
You have a story that is worth telling.

Listening to stories of female athletes like you has been eye-opening to me. I have been awed by the impact your chosen sport has had on your life. From finding empowerment after being in abusive relationships to gaining back health after years of neglect. The stories are inspiring, life-giving and want to be told.

Join me on this journey of capturing female athlete stories in raw, strong and feminine portraits.

WHICH ATHLETES CAN PARTICIPATE? I am looking for women of any age, shape and ethnicity who are committed to their chosen sport. From boxers, golfers, runners and yogis to swimmers, dancers, rock climbers and ice skaters. The list of sports is endless and I can't wait to learn more about your chosen one.


What is included and what does it cost?

Each portrait session is tailored to you and how you want to be portrayed as an athlete.  No sessions will be alike. It is all about you, your chosen sport and most of all your unique story.

The cost is $250.

It includes:

CONSULTATION to get to know you and learn as many details about your sport and how you would like to be portrayed as an athlete. Let's make a game plan.

PHOTO SESSION WITH HEIKE. A three hour session to allow for a variety of portraits and action shots.  My sessions are fun and relaxed and I'll be guiding you to help you feel confident and at ease. We will finish with a short, recorded interview to tell your story.

IMAGE REVEAL to see all of your images and purchase your favorite images (packages start at $190)

CHOOSE YOUR EXHIBITION PORTRAIT.  This image along with a few selections of my own will be displayed at the exhibition in early 2021. You will receive a complimentary gift print and digital file for social sharing.

INVITATION TO THE EXHIBITION.  This is a time to celebrate your story through the portraits we have created together and a video featuring more images and snippets from your interview. Bring your family and friends to share in this moment of celebrating you and your fellow female athletes.

And yes, all of this for only $250.

Be a part of this portrait gallery that shows the strength, transformation and vulnerability of women athletes with a female touch.

creative portrait of female boxer

Capturing your essence with every click. ❣

Are you in? Let’s chat.

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