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Fall Family Portraits at Masonic Village Formal Garden

Before every family portrait session I connect with each family to learn more about what they enjoy doing together and also what type of images they enjoy the most and would love to display in their home. Do you prefer more traditional portraits that have you looking and smiling into the camera or do you prefer emotive photographs that allow for interaction with each other, touching and laughing together and show the connection within the family. Daniel and Natalie, like most of my families wanted a mix of both and so that is what we went for during this hour long session.

To loosen everyone up and help the family members, especially Ian who was not too sure about this whole thing, forget that I was standing there with a camera I gave different prompts that quickly created natural reactions. One of the prompts we used here was "Whisper into your kids ear any cereal that comes to mind but it has to be in a British accent". That creates giggles every single time and everyone just starts having a great time.

Daniel and Ian love to play guitar together and so we made sure to include the instruments during the session.
This was such a special moment. Alice enjoys reading to Ian and so we took a moment for both to get absorbed into what they love doing together.


Can you guess what I'm holding in my hand? Everyone is having fun and is totally focused on me....we got our favorite family portrait. Check!
This wall grouping of four 12x16 and one 22x24 canvas wraps are a great way to showcase your portraits and tell your family story.

10 thoughts on “Fall Family Portraits at Masonic Village Formal Garden

  1. I love the way you caught the family – their nature, the interaction. Beautiful, as always!

    1. You have every right to be biased, Grace. Your children/grandchildren are a blast to be around and even Ian had fun at the end of the session.

    1. Thanks, Sarah. My family sessions pretty much always include something that the family enjoys doing together, so the reading and the guitar playing comes out of our conversations ahead of time. It makes each session unique and special.

  2. What a beautiful family! Their outfit choices compliment one another so well. I also love how you provided an example with how to showcase photos in the home!

    1. Thanks, Alyssa. Clothing and color choices are always part of my consultations to help bring everything together. Visualizing wall art is incredibly difficult when you just hear sizes. Seeing them on the wall really helps.

    1. Thanks, John. Thankfully we were able to get that last little bit of fall vibe. I love it when families work with me on color and clothing choices for their images. It makes such a difference in the final portrait.

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