Headshot Prep Guide

Getting Ready Tips

Your headshot session is coming up, and I’m looking forward to capturing your essence with every click.

Getting in front of the camera can be a bit nerve wrecking, so I want you to feel well-prepared and looking your best for a relaxed, and yes, fun session. I will be there to coach you through poses to create the look that captures you from your best angle.

Please do a little homework to help me know what you are looking for:

  • Take a look in the mirror and try out different expressions. Have some fun and smile, smirk, laugh out loud or pull your eyebrows together for a more serious look. Consider how you would like to be seen. Do adjectives like "approachable, friendly, dependable, quirky, joyful, down-to-earth" come to mind? We'll be sure to create different expressions for you to choose from.


1. What should you wear?

  • Open your closet and take an honest look inside. Which pieces of clothing do you like to wear the most? Is it the style or color? Do people compliment you when wearing those pieces? It is a sign that you look great in those.
  • For the most part, KEEP IT SIMPLE Solid colors, little or no pattern, smaller jewelry.
  • A well-fitted shirt or dress in your favorite color works best.
  • Create a variety of looks by adding layers: bring a jacket, scarf, glasses or hat
  • COLORS: headshots are about drawing attention to your face. YOUR BEST COLORS accentuate your eyes and help your skin look fresh and healthy.
  • For a professional look, make sure your clothes fit well, are ironed and stain free. A lint brush will be on hand for those last-minute touch ups.
  • SHOES: wear shoes to go with your outfit. Even though we are creating headshots and the shoes won't be seen, it makes a difference in your posture when you wear heels or flats.
  • STILL NOT SURE WHAT TO WEAR? Take a few selfies and email the images to heike@heikemartinphotography.com. I'll be happy to help.


  • Are you a suit and tie guy? Do you wear shirts with your business logo? Is your look more relaxed in khakis, a T-shirt or shirt with rolled up sleeves? Own your look, but also think about the business you're in and how you would show up for an important meeting.
  • Preferably, stay away from white shirts and very fine checkered patterns. They do not photograph well.
  • Your shirt and tie should compliment your eye-color. Bring several along for us to choose from and to give you a variety of looks.
  • Shirts and jackets should fit you well in the shoulders and across the front. It will make quite a difference in the final images.

2. Hair & Makeup

  • Hair TIPS:
    • Style your hair as you do every day. You don’t want to try a new hairstyle.
    • The same goes for hair dyes or any other drastic haircuts. Give yourself a week or two to get used to the new style to make sure you love how you look.
    • A bit of lotion, gel or hairspray will calm frizzy hair.
  • GUYS: remember, facial hair wants to be trimmed and groomed as well

How much makeup? Only wear makeup for your headshot session if this is something you wear on a daily basis or when going to an important meeting. You want to look and feel like you.

  • Makeup TIPS:
    • Keep it NATURAL. Makeup can easily look heavy in headshots.
    • Cover up any blemishes. Then add just enough makeup to keep a natural look.
    • If possible, use liquid foundation and blend it well around your eyes, nose and into the hairline. Use one without SPF, as some ingredients react under studio lighting.
    • EYES - To start with the eyes, we want to keep it light. No hard lines over the eyes (this will diminish your eyes), light mascara if you wear it, fake lashes that are too big will block the light getting into the eyes, and they won’t pop like we want them to. If you wear eye shadow, try to keep it a neutral color and blend, blend, blend!
  • DO the night before: brush your lips with a toothbrush to get rid of any dead skin. Drink plenty of water.
  • AVOID the week of your session: facial peels that may irritate your skin. NO tanning (studio lights may turn your skin orange).  NO Botox or deep tissue massages, as they often result in black and blue spots on face and arms.
  • Bring to the session: makeup, moisturizer, hairspray, lip gloss or lip balm, lipstick (a couple colors). Anything you may need for a quick touch-up.

Consider booking time with your favorite hair and makeup artist before coming to the studio. Email heike@heikemartinphotography for a list of trusted professional makeup/hair artists.


3. Glasses & Contact Lenses

  • Most of the time I am able to avoid glare in glasses, but depending on the type of lenses or finishes used it isn’t always possible. Glasses with blue filters or lenses that change color will need to be taken off.
  • Bring clear contact lenses. They will allow your eyes to look more natural.



My studio at SUPPLY is located at 280 S Oak St, Manheim, PA 17545

  • PARKING is available on site.
  • Please enter the building foyer and call my cell at 717-342-3369. I will meet you at the door.

If you get lost or have further questions, please call or text me at 717-342-3369.