How to create Facebook graphics with your own personal branding images

Branded facebook book

You finally have your gallery in hand from your personal branding session. You look at the images that were created just for you. You get all excited about finally using those new images on your website and in promoting your business on all of your social media platforms. Then it hits you. You're stuck! How do you actually get those messages and special promos you see other brands so effortlessly push out onto your own images?

It's time to chill, grab a glass of wine and sit down at your computer. Here is my simple checklist of information you want to have at the ready:

  1. Your branding colors and fonts
    Heike Martin Photography branding colors
    These are my own branding colors.
  2. A mix of images from your personal branding session (headshots, full portraits, flatlays)
  3. Information you want to add to your graphic: quotes, special offer, seasonal promotion, personal message, etc
  4. Your favorite graphic design software: InDesign, Canva, Stencil, PicMonkey and more. I mainly used Canva for this post.

Graphic design software like Canva is pretty intuitive but you still want to take a few moments to familiarize yourself on how to use it. There are plenty of tutorials out there so I won't go into details here.

My main goal today is to show you how your images can be used for the three main Facebook graphics. A Facebook banner sized at 820x312, a Facebook post sized at 940x788 and a Facebook story graphic sized at 1080x1920. Whew, knowing all of these measurements can be overwhelming but the beauty of Canva and other software is that they already have templates with the correct measurements to get you started.

Use the original images, then crop and resize

personal branding portrait female
Upload the original images you received and use the crop, resize and rotate tools to adjust them to fit your message.
personal branding portrait with negative space
personal branding headshot

Look at the images above, then see how I made them work in Canva for each Facebook graphic

facebook banner with headshot from personal branding session
This Facebook banner was created with a personal branding headshot that had lots of negative space already in the image (see above). This made it easy to add the special offer to the right. Don't forget to use your branding color palette here.

Branded facebook story
Facebook stories are a big deal and are seen by more people than your business posts. Here we used three of the images and just cropped them to show specific details.  You probably want to add some text and your own logo to finish it off.

Quote on branded banner for female speaker
Quotes are a fantastic way to add meaning to your Facebook or web banner. I always create images in each story set that have open space (negative space) so you can easily add text.

This facebook post was created in Photoshop because it needed some special touches so that the fingers are actually above the other graphic. Talk to me or your graphic designer for special requests to make your graphics pop even more.

Does this get your creative juices flowing? I know you can do it. You've invested in a personal branding session so let's sit down and put them to good use to promote your business. Your clients want to see your smiling face and connect with a person they have come to trust. Using images like this in your marketing is a game changer.

Contact me if you would like help in creating promotional graphics. I'd love to help!

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