How to Create Your Brand & Tell Your Story Panel Discussion

Heike Martin at Northern Lancaster County Chamber Chat

The Northern Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce hosted a panel discussion under the topic “How to Create Your Brand & Tell Your Story”.

Liz Ackerman, the Executive Director of the Chamber, guided through the discussion with some really great questions. Here are just a few of the questions we tackled:

  • Let’s talk about the idea of branding. what is branding to you, and why do you feel it’s an important component of a business’s potential success or failure?
  • What are the steps in developing your brand OR if you are an already established company how do you determine what your brand is?
  • What about personal branding? Can that help or hurt a company if the brand represents one thing, but the owner has a very different perceived personal brand?

I was joined on the panel by Angela Allison, Outside Sales-Visual Communications Expert – FASTSIGNS of Lancaster, and Adam Grim, Founder – BOOTSTRAP LOCAL.

Enjoy the conversation and I hope you find plenty of helpful nuggets as you listen to our diverse and overlapping tips and insights. I’d love to hear what tips you are taking home for yourself in the comments below.