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Make Memories by Gathering for Family Portraits

Multi generation family portraitGrandma with all of her Grandchildren. Being together for this family happens only every 3-5 years. Hiring a professional photographer was super important for this family who traveled to Harrisburg from across the US.This image was taken in front of the Simon Cameron House in Harrisburg, PA.

One of the first things I love to do when I visit new friends is look at family portraits hanging on their walls, vacation photos on the refrigerator and photos from throughout the years standing on shelves.

These photographs give me a glimpse into the life of this family and what they like to do together. Sometimes I find images of Grandpa and Grandma on their wedding day or a family reunion that brought multi generations together for once-in-a lifetime face to face visits.

Travel the distance for a family reunion

Here is history that you can look back on and remember; here are stories you can pass down to your children. “Do you remember, uncle Nat? He could tell the best jokes.” or “Do you remember when we all camped together and Grandpa showed us how start a fire without matches?” Photographs in an album or even pulling out a shoe carton to show pictures trigger lots of memories—some incredible, some funny, some sad—but memorable nonetheless.

Multi generation family portraitGrandma wanted to replicate a photograph of all seven Grandchildren from ten years ago. This photo is now hanging on Grandma’s wall in Arizona.

The park across from the Simon Cameron House features some amazing bridges in the background across the Susquehanna River.

Multi generation family portraitThe grandchildren all asked to have one picture taken with just their siblings.

Multi generation family portraitGrandma (and Mom & Dad) wanted an updated image of each Grandchild that is more personal than any school portrait.

Multi generation family portraitFamilies come in sizes from two to fifty or more. Getting everyone together for an extended family portrait is worth the effort.

Multi generation family portraitWhen was the last time you had your picture taken with just your adult children? Can you find one on your computer or in an album? Precious memories indeed.

I love to take pictures of families of all sizes, but being able to capture families of multi generations gives me that extra feeling of having accomplished something worthwhile. This is more than a representation of the present. These portraits help document your history.

So, when was the last time you had your extended family together? In just one hour a professional photographer can capture many combinations of large group photos, individual families, sibling shots and a variety of smaller groups. I will help you think through what is possible and we’ll make it happen together.

Photographer Heike MartinPhotographer Heike Martin

Photographer Heike Martin loves her family. Having family scattered from Mount Joy, PA to Germany and Australia to several areas in the US, she knows the importance of documenting the few times everyone gets to be together. Heike believes in sharing images from social media to printing on archival paper for long lasting memories. She is incredibly proud of her Mom learning how to use WhatsApp at age 78 and being able to easily send photos to her.

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    1. Thanks, Heidi. It was really fun to see which images each individual family picked for their walls.

  1. What gorgeous family photos! People in Lancaster County are lucky to have such a talented photographer!

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