My Branding Clients made 2020…

There are no adjectives left to describe 2020. We’ve used them all up. Or have we? Yesterday I sat down to go through the image folders from my Personal Branding clients this year. The word that came to mind? AWESOME.

My year has been awesome because of the stories each person has shared and allowed me to capture. The way I watched each client light up in front of my camera no matter how stressful their lives were.

My year has been awesome because you TRUSTED me. You’ve trusted me to take the fear out of getting in front of the camera, so you could shine (for yourself and your own clients).

My year has been awesome because I’ve helped my clients step up their marketing game during a freaking pandemic and stand tall and win.

Seriously you captured everything we wanted without us even being able to articulate it. It was a busy day but I didn’t once worry about what to do or how to stand. You made it all so easy. Thank you so much for everything!!! ❤️❤️

Brittany Garner of The 2 B’s-Brittany Garner and Beth Ann Baffuto/ Life Changes Realty Group

My year has been awesome because you pushed my photography skills and creativity to produce the images that YOU needed to elevate YOUR business.

There are no adjectives left for 2020. For my clients though I still have one left: AWESOME. You are awesome. You made my year awesome. Thank you!

If this resonates with you and you like what you see, you can choose to elevate your business and book a branding photography session with me, so you too can experience this transformation.

Enjoy the highlights!

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Heike Martin is a headshot and branding lifestyle photographer based in Manheim, Pennsylvania. She specializes in helping you magnetize your brand with intentional, eye-catching images. Fun, relaxed and professional.

I can’t wait to capture your essence.

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