My sister asked “Why Modeling?”

Headshot Model makes funny face

Anita answered my model call for a headshot series I wanted to create to educate clients about the importance of the right amount of make-up for business headshots. The session with her turned into so much more and we had an amazing time creating fashion portraits. Anita told me how much she loved modeling and wanting to do more. Then she posted this story on her facebook page.

Andrea playing dress up as a child
Andrea playing dress-up as a child

Enjoy Anita’s story of transformation. Printed with permission.
” I went home this week. Back the half-mile lane through the woods, past the stream, the pasture and the split rail fence. Past the ruins of yesterday, its briars, thorns and honeysuckle.

I went home today and at the end of the red un-bunked twin beds I saw the pile of doll clothes (from the attached photo) And I wondered.

I wondered about the girl who was at home. Doll in arms, clothes on her head. Smile as wide as the sky. Unapologetic, and unafraid.

I went home today and my sister asked , why modeling? What came to mind was that it wasn’t me. It was something I’d believed I never could, ever would be able/qualified or should do.

At home, I dreamed as most children do of being a singer, with my favorite artists Point of Grace, Bethany Dillion, Chris Rice or Jackie Velasquez. I dreamed big dreams. . . but always within limits

At home, I was never the girl to dress up as a child. Favoring sweats, and T’s if clothing was to be worn at all. As a child I enjoyed my pj’s to matching outfits- save twin day. And other days when Mom or I insisted on my twin and I matching.

setting spray applied to headshot model.
Melody applies setting spray to Anita’s face mid makeup application.

I went home today. And realized that something was missing. Something had changed. My downstairs room felt strangely empty, oddly still.

I went home today. And responded to my sister, simply saying “because it’s fun. The people, conversations and networking, yes even makeup and heels…though they shouldn’t be worn for more than 5-10 min at a time. 🙂

Dancing with a scarf at a fashion portrait photo session.
…letting loose.

I went home today and past the split rail fence and the wailing wall. and I remembered. The little girl who liked mismatched socks, eating salt and butter. Mixed Peas with applesauce and learned her letters in first grade art class.

I went home today and reflected on my photo/fashion shoots. And realized. Somewhere along the line, I gave up believing that I couldn’t, ever would or even shouldn’t model- I was no longer unqualified- but was more than able

I went home today. Past Conoy creek, and potholes, honeysuckle ruins and yonder meadow. And I saw the little girl playing in the meadow, running with the wind and climbing in the trees

I went home today and saw the doll clothes folded neatly at the end of my old bed and realized. My story has not been missing. What has been missing is me.”


Anita, thank you so much for sharing this story with me. I am so glad you have discovered the “me” and for allowing me to be a part of this journey. Until next time.

Make-up: Melody of Blush Beautiful
Photography: Heike Martin
Location: Heike Martin Photography Studio in Mount Joy, PA

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