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Introducing Cheri D. Andrews, Esq

Your small business attorney & founder of Wise Owl Academy

Q. Why did you start your business? 

A. I saw a need in the marketplace for accessible, affordable, non-intimidating legal help for small business owners.  As a small business owner myself, I knew the potential legal issues that small business owners face and wanted to help make sure that the small business owners I know are legally compliant and protected!  Too many business owners don’t seek legal advice because they think

  1. it’s too expensive;
  2. it’s too intimidating or scary;
  3. it can wait until their business is more established, bigger, they are making more money, etc. 

This is a MISTAKE – and can be a very costly one.  If you find the right attorney it doesn’t have to be intimidating or cost-prohibitive.  And it can’t wait.  It breaks my heart when clients come to me after they are already in trouble (a client won’t pay, they received a cease and desist letter) for problems that could have been easily avoided with proactive legal protection.

Q. What do you offer? 

A. I offer peace of mind and confidence for small business owners packaged as legal compliance and protection. ????  This includes done for you legal services (business formation, contracts, compliance) through Business Counsel Membership in Pennsylvania & Maryland; Done for you trademark search, application filing, and monitoring available to any U.S. small business; Done With You education through The Wise Owl Academy – an education platform to learn about the legal aspects of running a small business complete with checklists, templates, videos – so you can be educated, empowered, and proactively implement legal protections.  I’m also an author Smooth Sailing: A Practical Guide to Legally Protecting Your Business and a speaker, available to present to groups of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Q. Why did you want photos?

A. Heike had already done a fabulous job with my first round of photos – I wanted more variety to add to my options for my website, social media, author page, and the Wise Owl Academy.  I wanted to make sure the new photos continued to capture my brand and my personality – so my potential clients can easily “see” what they are getting in choosing me as their legal counsel and I knew that Heike could make that happen.

Q. Your advice to entrepreneurs: 

A. Take your business seriously enough to get the help you need.  This includes legal.  Real business owners use contracts and legal protections – your business deserves it!

When is the last time you felt seen?

As one of the top headshot and personal branding photographers in Lancaster, PA, I specialize in helping business owners, entrepreneurs and creatives magnetize their brands with intentional, eye-catching images they actually love. It’s an experience that will transform how you see yourself.

I invite you to experience the power of feeling seen, so you can book your dream clients!

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