Relax, it’s just a camera!

How would you describe your comfort level in front of a camera on a scale of 1-10? Ten means that you can’t get out of bed in the morning quick enough to be in front of the camera and strike a pose. You absolutely love this experience and it makes you feel amazing. One on the other hand means that as soon as you see a camera you run as fast as you can. Hiding is your first instinct as you cringe at the thought of having your picture taken.

My client Robyn on the left is an essential oil advocate and so the fern at the edge of the woods spoke her language. She is wearing a well-fitted dress in her favorite color and oozes vibrancy and health herself. Carolina, on the right, is a photographer as well. The fitted, colorful 80’s jumpsuit was the perfect fit for her vibrant personality.

Believe it or not but most of my clients are a five or below on that scale. It is very rare that I have a client who is brimming with excitement to get their pictures taken.

Allow me to hold your fears.

Addressing fears is one of the first things we talk about when you book a headshot, personal branding  or even family session. Here are some of the fears clients have shared with me:

  • I’m not happy with my weight.
  • My last photo shoot was horrible, I didn’t like any of the pictures.
  • I get all clumsy in front of the camera and have no clue what to do with my hands or feet.
  • I’m so short and petite and it makes me look too young.
  • My smile always looks plastered on. It makes me look so fake.

Do any of these fears sound familiar? I bet at least one of them does. When you share these fears with me during your vision call, it helps me to know where you are.  My goal is to make sure you feel heard and that I will hold these fears for you.

My client Nicole, a business coach, wanted to bring out her two personas: badass and gentle listener. The right set of clothes, getting her into the mood by choosing two diverse locations and emphasizing her personas with guided poses totally changed the look and feel of her images.

Transformation will happen in front of the camera

I don’t have a magic wand and I really don’t need one because your vulnerability allows me to create an atmosphere during your photo session that will put you at ease, empower and transform you. This transformation will produce images of you that you will love. Trust me!

Let me share a few more images of clients and how the right setting, clothes and attitude transformed their fears into images that overflow with confidence and show their true essence.

It takes only a few easy guided poses to make subtle changes to a seated portrait. Small adjustments keep you comfortable while giving the photographer the chance to bring out the best in you.
Location, location, location. Urban settings underscore powerful attitudes. The city lights, tall buildings and activity on the street add the right ambience for that professional look. You are the boss!

What will your answer be the next time someone asks about your comfort level in front of a camera on a scale of 1-10? Let’s get together for a photo session and let me help you move up that scale.

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Photographer Heike Martin

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