What is Personal Brand Photography?

Personal Branding Photography provides imagery for entrepreneurs like you to:

  • tell your story and connect with your audience to reach your goals and grow your brand.
  • showcase your unique personality and how you want the world to see you.
  • easily and confidently post daily to all of your social media sites. Having an image bank you love makes all the difference.
  • market on your entire website with banners, call-to-action and slideshows.
  • have a press release kit ready to go out with images your are proud of.

Standing out from the crowd and building trust is crucial in connecting with your clients. Create your own set of unique imagery that tells your brand story with integrity. Your clients want to see you LOVING what you do. We'll create headshots, image stories of your workspace, creative process, tools of your trade and so much more!

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Every Branding Session Includes

Each Session Includes

  • An in-depth Clear Vision Consultation to plan your photo shoot
  • Wardrobe advice and styling
  • Hair and Make-up preferred vendor list
  • Detailed game plan to capture a minimum of 3 stories at your shoot—each with a unique location and look
  • Relaxed and easy-going directions to make you feel your best so we can capture your essence and create a variety of looks.
  • Color-perfected, ready-to-use images for your website, social media and PR within 2 weeks of your session.

Sessions start at $750

Clear Vision Consultation

In person or over the phone we will take time to lay the groundwork for your branding photography session. These questions will guide us to create a roadmap for your photo shoot:

  • Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years? Your branding images will reflect this vision.
  • Which locations will best tell your story (your store or office, a nearby park or coffee shop, big city vibes or local community)?
  • What fears and concerns do you have? Help me understand so I can care for you.

I can't wait to share your excitement and create images that will be aligned to your vision.

Creating Visual Stories

that convey the true essence of you and your brand:

  • Stories will be unique for each entrepreneur
  • The number of stories are determined by how many locations, outfit changes and activities you want to include.
  • Wether you bake cookies, write books, speak to large audiences or move furniture to create inviting living spaces, you want your audience to get a glimpse into what you are passionate about.
  • Walk away with a set of personalized, branded photos that can easily be used on any social media platform, your website, and for PR.

My job is to create an atmosphere that will light you up and make you feel beautiful and confident in every story.

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