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Book Speaker & Author Heike Martin

Dynamic. Insightful. Empowering.

Create impact with a visibility empowering keynote.

Heike’s dynamic and insightful keynote and breakout sessions help shift how your audience will look at their own visibility both on a personal and professional level.

Her memorable stories, powerful imagery and ability to touch on relevant pain points when it comes to how we show up for ourselves and others, create long lasting and empowering action for your audience.

Heike shares insights from her experience as a branding photographer having helped hundreds of professionals overcome their fear of visibility.

most requested topics:

Click! How to create brand images that sell.

Lifestyle Brand Photos are a vital marketing tool for any professional. You want to tell your brand story in your own voice and with images that look and feel like you. Don’t let the fear of stepping in front of the camera hold you back from elevating your brand. Personalized Branded Photography gives your marketing an edge that will make you reach your sales goals faster and easier:

  • Tell your story and connect with your ideal clients on your website, social media platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • With consistent and strategic use you will grow the recognition of your brand and be known for your values and mission.
  • Showcase your unique personality and services, so clients can envision working with you.

AUDIENCE: Chamber of Commerce, Professional business associations and networking groups, Women’s organizations

Leveraging your fear, voice and timing to empower yourself and others.

The big question is “What keeps you from stepping into the light?” We are faced with three obstacles: FEAR, Finding our VOICE and TIMING. This presentation will challenge you to tap into your fears, help you claim your true voice and learn to choose your own timing, so you can CHOOSE VISIBILITY on your own terms. 

Stories of women who have experienced the transformation of owning their visibility will help guide the presentation. Your audience will get clarity on:

  • Naming the fear that is holding them back
  • Realizing their true voice
  • Learning the importance of choosing their own timing

AUDIENCE: Professional business associations and networking groups, Women’s organizations

For Meeting & Event Planners

  • Professional bio and photographs
  • Audience takeaways such as handouts, workbooks, and special offers
  • Virtual and in-person presentation expertise
  • Value-focused delivery for the audience.

What a great session yesterday, thank you so very much! You do such an awesome and authentic job as a speaker.

Bilita “Bili” Mattes, D.Ed. 
Provost and Chief Academic Officer,  
Executive Director, Harrisburg University
STEM-UP Network      

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Heike is a fantastic Brand Photographer and shared her expertise and her heart for helping us all put our best face out there. Her fast pose makeovers were amazing!

Kae Wagner, North Star Marketing & X2 Forum