Let your inner light show in your branding images

Envision Train owner Theresa Fackler at Overland Park in Lancaster shining fairy lights

This past year (I’m not sure if I even want to say 2020 anymore or add that we’re still dealing with the uncertainties of Covid-19) as we learned to interact with masks covering our faces, I noticed more than ever before how much a person’s inner light shines through.

You can’t hide the light that shows your passion.

Heike Martin

You can’t hide the light that shows your passion. When you are full of life loving what you offer your clients, it shows no matter what. As a Personal Brand Photographer I thrive on pulling out that light and literally capturing it in 2D so my clients have content that will make it easy to connect with their dream audience.

We can talk all day about our values and what we believe in but ONE IMAGE that actually SHOWS how your values are part of you, will bring the message home loud and clear.

The 2B's realtors Brittany Garner & Beth Ann Baffuto
The 2B’s realtors Brittany Garner & Beth Ann Baffuto at The Exchange, Lancaster, PA

These things never just happen though. Listening to my clients as they share about their business and what they truly love about the interactions with their own clients, give me a glimpse into who they are and how they want to be seen.

Monica Forte of Making Magical Vacations Travel based in Lancaster, PA

It’s this deep listening skill that a good branding photographer brings to the table along with the creativity to bring this vision to life. My clients are amazed when they receive their image galleries and realize the depth of emotion and detail that tells who they are and brings their light to life.

What values bring out the light in you? How do you show up for your clients? Do your branding images show your true inner light? Let me be your photographer so that your 2021 image marketing will make it easy for your audience to connect with you on a much deeper level.

Photographer Heike Martin


Heike Martin is a headshot and branding lifestyle photographer based in Manheim, Pennsylvania. She specializes in helping you magnetize your brand with intentional, eye-catching images. Fun, relaxed and professional.

I can’t wait to capture your essence.