What to wear for your personal brand photoshoot

Coach Susan Wallace wearing a jeans jacket

Choosing the best outfits for a professional headshot or personal branding photoshoot are just as important as getting your hair and make-up done and finding the right photographer. Should you go with that flowy dress, the white button-down Oxford shirt, jeans or the leopard print pantsuit? High-heeled pumps or flats, barefoot or those cute above-the-knee boots? You want to be intentional and dress with style to create a look that will be on-brand for your business and marketing message.

Dressing with intention shows others that you are bringing your best self to the game. It also impacts how YOU feel.

Nancy Dilts, Personal Brand Stylist

Think about your go-to outfit for meetings or when you meet with an important client. Keep your brand colors and mood in mind as you follow these simple tips to dress with style and show up with confidence. You want your clothes to convey your expertise, professionalism, and personality.

Young African American Woman business portrait
A well-fitted blouse makes it easy for Anita to show off her figure.
The golden earrings and yellow flowers complement her hair and skin tone.
  • Solid, one-piece dresses create a flattering silhouette and make it easy to pose in.
  • A wrap dress gives your waist shape and allows you to move with ease.
  • Classic styles keep the focus on you and not the clothing. Add some punch with a trendy pattern under your blazer or your favorite color to bring out your eye color.
  • Form fitting clothes accentuate your body and work especially well when being photographed. Lots of layers or oversized clothes tend to create bulk and will make you look bigger than you are.
  • Always keep your brand message and target audience in mind when you choose colors (ex. use font colors in your clothing) and decide on how classy or edgy to dress. Are you looking to connect with people in the art scene or finance world? Your styling will send a message. Make it one that fits.
  • Before you put on any clothing I highly recommend investing in good undergarments that support you in the right places and allow your clothes to flow smoothly over your hips.

What Colors Should You Wear?

  • First and foremost you want to choose colors that flatter your skin tones. That is especially important close to your face. Your eyes will sparkle and your skin will look healthy and glowing.
  • Send a brand message with your choice of colors. Blues and greens are colors that exude trust and work well in the finance and health industries. Black, gold and jewel tones are luxurious and elegant.
  • Together with your photographer consider the environment you will be shooting in and choose colors to fit well.
  • What is your skin or hair color? Find contrasting colors to create interest. Red heads can easily wear greens or teals while a person with darker skin or hair can wear very light colors to create beautiful contrast. Pull out a color wheel to experiment with finding your best complementary colors.

Avoid Clothing That Draws Attention Away From You

  • Anything with words or logos, unless the words are part of your brand’s marketing message.
  • Shiny and reflective clothing. Stand in front of the window and notice how the light is reflected off your clothing. Take a selfie and evaluate your image.
  • Loud prints can overpower you. You can definitely wear an animal or bold print when paired with a solid piece.
  • Clothing that are off-brand will confuse your audience, and you want your message to be clear in ALL of your marketing images.
Using the railing of Brooklyn Bridge as prop when posing
Marie-Eve is wearing a fitted dress in dark blue that is perfect for her skin tone and works great for her brand color palette.

Dress With Your Brand Message In Mind

Communication with your photographer are an important part when choosing your wardrobe. Together you will create a session roadmap that keeps your marketing focus and brand message in mind. A professional photographer will always discuss styling with you as well as the right accessories to finish your looks. Take a closer look at what a personal branding photography experience can do for you and your business.

Bonus Tip

Create a style board on Pinterest. It’s a great way to see what clothing styles you are attracted to. Share this board with your photographer as well and make sure you leave comments on each pin with details about what you like about that particular style or outfit from color to fit to what it makes you feel.




Heike Martin is a headshot and branding lifestyle photographer based in Manheim, Pennsylvania. She specializes in helping you magnetize your brand with intentional, eye-catching images. Fun, relaxed and professional.

I can’t wait to capture your essence.

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