Branding Photography at SUPPLY in Manheim, PA

branding photography at supply

Inside SUPPLY in Manheim, you have access to the beautiful, all-white photo studio and other parts of the building. This makes it an easy choice for any busy entrepreneur to say YES to getting their headshots and personal branding photos done at one location. It saves time and still gives you plenty of variety for your image library.

woman in red dress walks with energy into a building.
Walking with purpose and energy, ready to lead her business:
Diesha, Founder & Fractional Exec at Execuly

Different spaces at SUPPLY offer variety to your branding photos

What rooms does SUPPLY have available to create realistic lifestyle branding photos for coaches, speakers, real estate agents, mortgage loan officers, financial advisors and other expert business owners and their small teams?

Let me take you on a tour of the building with images created for my clients. Scroll through the different galleries to see how many spaces we were able to utilize for each client with their brand messaging in mind.

Interested in a specific room? You can jump right to a room by clicking on the name below:

The Studio

BTS headshot session at the all-white studio at SUPPLY
A behind-the-scenes look at one of my headshot sessions in the studio.

The photo studio is always the first place where we start you off with a set of headshots and then move around some furniture and props to get creative for more lifestyle, storytelling imagery.

The Kitchen

The kitchen with its white tiles and clean, fresh look creates the perfect backdrop for a casual coffee house feel, working from home at your kitchen island or showing off sustainable cleaning and health food products. We can whip up different set-ups for a personalized, on-brand look for you.

The Loft

A comfy couch in a soft, velvety, tan fabric decorated with pretty cushions sits atop an area rug to create a cozy sitting area. This is the place to dream and laugh, meet with a team member or client for a more casual meeting. If your office at home is too dark and cluttered, you will love this neutral space to set up as your office away from home.

The Lobby

The lobby with multiple sitting areas, cafe-style table and chairs, as well as waist-high wooden tables offers several options. Here are some lifestyle branding image ideas of how my clients are using their images to show their own clients what working with them can look like:

  • 1:1 coaching with clients
  • Headshot and Business Portraits with an office backdrop feel
  • Team gatherings

The Conference Room

For board room and speaker images, the conference room offers a large screen to either do a meeting presentation or to show your slides as you speak to your audience. Who has benefited from creating lifestyle branding portraits in this room already?

  • Authors doing book signings and to create one-of-a kind book marketing photos
  • Coaches to speak at a conference breakout session
  • Team meetings and company presentations
  • CEO’s and other expert leaders as they demonstrate their expertise and leading an energized team.

Will the spaces at SUPPLY be the right fit for you? Let’s find out on a call to chat about your own branding image needs and the type of locations that will create the mood and aesthetic to best share your marketing message.

branding photography at supply

When is the last time you felt seen?

As one of the top headshot and personal branding photographers in Lancaster, PA, I specialize in helping business owners, entrepreneurs and creatives magnetize their brands with intentional, eye-catching images they actually love. It’s an experience that will transform how you see yourself.

I invite you to experience the power of feeling seen, so you can book your dream clients!

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