Add some pizazz to your book launch

You’ve just finished writing your book. Years of experience and hours of compiling information and creating a compelling story-line have gone into writing it. You’ve found a publisher and you hold your first proof in your hands. You’ve hired a marketing coach and are ready to launch your book. It is an exciting moment! Now comes the fun part….creating marketing graphics that invite your audience to WANT to BUY the book.

What book images will get your audience excited?

Some of the places you may want to add images are your launch partner website page, your launch day Facebook event page, emails leading up to your launch day, author signing events, as well as speaking presentations and podcasts where you’ll share your expertise with highlights from your book. Working with a professional photographer will help you pull in elements of your branding to add some pizazz to your book images. Creating branded lifestyle photos will bring your book to life in a way that invites your audience to actually want to read the book themselves.

Lifestyle image of book cover for Leadership Glue by Kae Wagner
Branded lifestyle image of Kae Wagner at a author book signing

Author Book Signing Events

Do you have any book signing events coming up? Meeting the author in person and getting an autographed book are special moments. Use these images in your slide presentation to let folks know you will sell and sign books after the speaking engagement.

Speaking Presentations & Podcasts

Get some close-ups of quotes, key principles, info graphics and titles of your book to add a more realistic view of the content of your book instead of just boring bullet point text. It adds validity to your expertise and another invitation to purchase the book on the spot. Hint…add a QR code to your sale page.

Podcasts are a great place to educate and share many of the principles you’ve written about in your book, but because they are audio only, you want to get an invitation out to your followers that visually lets them know when and where to find you.

Branded lifestyle image of podcast with author Kae Wagner

Ready to add some pizazz to your book launch?

When is the last time you felt seen?

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