Branding photos that speak your clients language

Personal Branding photo for Historic Smithton Inn keeper

A personal branding photo session is all about your client. Boom! I said it.

You hear me talk quite a bit about showing up in your own marketing photos, but it’s not really about you. It’s about answering the questions your audience has so they can wholeheartedly say YES to working with you, buying your products or booking you as a keynote speaker

Let’s take a look at what that may look like for you.

Showing your day-to-day personality.

We want to see the smile that lights up your face when you see your favorite client walk through the door. We want to experience the energy you bring when you step onto the stage. Show us the deep pondering you do when you encounter a problem and the tools you use to working through them.

It’s in the every day encounters that we find out who you are and the experience your client will have with you.

Leave the fear of showing up as you are at the door. Let me hold that fear so you can step into the confidence you already have inside you.

Heike Martin, photographer, author & speaker

Do we want to see you in your pajamas or lounging around in your messy kitchen? Again, a big NO. You are running a legit business with the intention of growth and earning multiple 6 or 7 figures. That business mindset is part of your day-to-day personality. There is confidence, there is expertise, there is empathy and a deep joy of serving the people who need you.

Your personality filled branding images can look like this.

Sometimes it takes a little digging into your day-to-day to discover what makes you light up or what it actually looks like when you get ready to step on the stage or where you find inspiration. I love sitting down with my clients to discover what is already there.

Creating a library full of images that speak to who you are and engage and convert your audience into lifelong (paying) fans, is what a personal branding photography experience is all about.

If you want to discover your day-to-day personality and figure out what images will work best for you and your business, I invite you to click the WORK WITH ME button above and connect for a free discover call.

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When is the last time you felt seen?

As one of the top headshot and personal branding photographers in Lancaster, PA, I specialize in helping business owners, entrepreneurs and creatives magnetize their brands with intentional, eye-catching images they actually love. It’s an experience that will transform how you see yourself.

I invite you to experience the power of feeling seen, so you can book your dream clients!

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