Bridge of Hope brings joy to families in Lancaster

Bridge of Hope family

Volunteers in Lancaster bring hope and joy to families through Bridge of Hope. an organization in our area that helps homeless families get back on their feet. The Model of Bridge of Hope is stated on their website like this:

Churches Respond. Homelessness Ends. Hope Begins.

Christian faith communities have a unique opportunity and role in ending the homelessness crisis in America today. Bridge of Hope trains and equips local Christian faith communities (churches, Bible study groups, house churches, etc.) from a wide variety of Christian traditions to respond to homelessness in practical, tangible, and neighboring ways.

Bridge of Hope family and volunteers
Walking together makes it easy to talk.

Bridge of Hope contacted me to tell the story of how volunteers interact with a family hoping to end the homeless cycle. So much of what makes this possible is in building relationships that foster trust and an environment to learn. Let me share a few of the images that so beautifully show the amazing connection this Mom and her three children have with their "neighbors".

Bridge of Hope volunteers helps woman with paper work.
Assisting with filling out documents and navigating job applications.
Volunteers show boys how to check the oil in the car.
Teaching skills to the children of the family is a task shared among the volunteers.
playing games
Playing games together and just hanging out as one large extended family is a highlight for all.
childrens faces
Goofy, fun-loving and just being themselves in front of the camera. We had so much fun taking silly pictures.
volunteer & family group photo
It takes a village to make a difference. For Bridge of Hope families it takes amazing neighbors to be that village.

Learn more about Bridge of Hope

Check out Bridge of Hope's website to learn more about how their program helps to end homelessness in our own neighborhoods and maybe become a good neighbor yourself. It's a very rewarding experience.

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