My Dad’s Legacy

This may be a bit unusual but I’m dedicating my first blog post to my Dad.  My Dad passed away in January 2017 and so this is a tribute to him and a way for me to commemorate his wonderful personality and influence on my love for photography.

I have inherited all of my Dad’s slides and now have the privilege and tremendous task of scanning memory after memory. What would I do without these carefully taken images from long ago? Images that preserve my childhood, tell stories about adventures we did together and are markers of milestones and celebrations.

Even as a small child I was allowed to hold his old box camera, look through the viewfinder and occasionally push the shutter. Film was expensive so the shutter button was treated with respect. This has instilled a sense in me of observation. Look around, observe the situation, people and events happening in front of you and only then select your composition before you click.

Some of my best memories are sitting in the living room after coming home from a trip and watching slideshows as a family together.

You are never too old to model

Four month before my Dad passed away we visited him in Germany for the last time and I invited him to model for me knowing that he didn’t have long to live. I needed these photos and I am so glad we took the time. My Dad was still well enough to walk to a small park with my husband and I and patiently allowed me to direct poses and get him to talk and laugh with my husband to make this as enjoyable for him as possible. He was highly amused at being a model at age 84. My Mom joined for a couple of images at the end.

She tells me over and over again
how grateful she is
for this life-like image of him.

My favorite image was used as the centerpiece at the funeral and now hangs framed in my Mom’s living room. She tells me over and over again how grateful she is for this life-like image of him.

My Dad’s death has pushed me to start my own photography business and help others to get these important images before it is too late. You can be a model at birth, when you start first grade or graduate from college, on your wedding day and all those milestones in between. Take the time to get professional, high quality images that truly capture your loved ones. Some day you will be thankful you did.

Photographer Heike Martin


Heike Martin is a headshot and branding lifestyle photographer based in Manheim, Pennsylvania. She specializes in helping you magnetize your brand with intentional, eye-catching images. Fun, relaxed and professional.

I can’t wait to capture your essence.

6 thoughts on “My Dad’s Legacy

  1. Heike……. Your tribute to your dad is quite touching and written with such eloquence it has touched my heart. You brought me back to moments in your live that allowed me to reflect on similar moments in my own life. I too remember sitting on my living room floor of my childhood home and having a home movie night. We would watch movies and slide shows of our own adventures and we would laugh and sometimes cry but it was always joyful. Thank you. Your dad must have been a real character. I am glad you had the time you did with him. I know your pictures of him are just priceless. Peace to you and your family. Good luck with your new business too!

  2. Colleen, thank you so much for your beautiful words. I’m so glad you were able to bring back memories for yourself. I love to reminisce and photos help so much in that process.

  3. Wow, this is a beautiful post. I’m so sorry for you loss-but am equally glad that you have these amazing memories documented! How special.

    1. Thanks, Angela. Documenting your story is soooo important. I would love to do more legacy portrait sessions. So meaningful.

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