How not to hate having your headshot taken

Headshot posing on pink backdrop

A good photographer will take you from hating having your headshot taken to loving the entire experience.

Do you hate having your picture taken? Does it take you back to school photo days with the stiff posing and forced smile while wearing your Sunday best? Or are you struggling with seeing your natural beauty because you’ve used one too many filters when posting selfies on Instagram?

Stepping in front of the camera for headshots can be scary especially when you’ve had a bad experience in the past. 

A good photographer will take you from “Camera Shy to Camera Confident,” from hating having your headshot taken to LOVING the entire experience. The key phrase here is “entire experience.”

Choose a photographer who will provide an amazing headshot experience:

  • Take time to find a photographer who shows a variety of headshots that showcase the same professional quality so you can be sure to get the same results. When talking about variety you want to see people of color, people of varying body shapes, people wearing glasses, and all age ranges. A photographer who shows consistent quality across all of these areas has the technical skills you want.
  • Get on the phone with this photographer to make sure you connect on a personal level. Technical skills are important but connecting with you, and helping you prep for your session will make all the difference. 
  • Communication with your photographer is important through every step.

Prep for your headshot session:

  • Prep for your session by choosing clothes that complement your eye color and skin tone. Well fitting shirts and jackets make all the difference in showing off your body. This is important for EVERY body type.
  • Get a manicure because your hands can show off your features. If you need a haircut, get one a week before and don’t forget to check your roots. (Men, you’ll want to get some good grooming in as well.)
  • Drink a lot of water. Why? It makes your skin look radiant. 

Trust your photographer and let her hold your fears. 

A photographer who cares about you will take time to help you relax and give easy instructions on how to pose that will make you look amazing. This is the key to loving your session. Believe in yourself and you will step in front of the camera as the confident and beautiful person that you are.

It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.”

-Photographer, Alfred Eisenstaedt

This blog post was first written for Susquehanna Style.

My hope is that I can be that photographer for you. Let’s connect so that I can hear your fears and hopes and give you an experience that will make you love your headshot session. Your headshot images will be amazing.

Headshot sessions are available at my studio at SUPPLY in Manheim, Pennsylvania and on location with my mobile studio.

Photographer Heike Martin


Heike Martin is a headshot and branding lifestyle photographer based in Manheim, Pennsylvania. She specializes in helping you magnetize your brand with intentional, eye-catching images. Fun, relaxed and professional.

I can’t wait to capture your essence.