Headshot Model makes funny face

My sister asked “Why Modeling?”

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Anita answered my model call for a headshot series I wanted to create to educate clients about the importance of the right amount of make-up for business headshots. The session with her turned into so much more and we had an amazing time creating fashion portraits. Anita told me how much she loved modeling and wanting to do more. Then she posted this story on her facebook page.

Fall Family Portraits at Masonic Village Formal Garden

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Before every family portrait session I connect with each family to learn more about what they enjoy doing together and also what type of images they enjoy the most and would love to display in their home. Do you prefer more traditional portraits that have you looking and smiling into the camera or do you prefer emotive photographs that allow for interaction with each other, touching and laughing together and show the connection within the family. Daniel and Natalie, like most of my families wanted a mix of both and so that is what we went for during this hour long session.

Watching a potter work makes for a fascinating lifestyle branding session

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Have you ever had the chance to watch a potter at work? As soon as Karen touched the clay I could see her demeanor change. A light went on in her eyes, her fingers came to life as they touched and formed and smoothed the clay into shape. You could just feel that Karen loves working the clay. That to me is what personal branding photography is all about. It is way more than a basic headshot or product image. Getting to the core of your business and telling your story from the heart is what makes these images so powerful.

What’s With All The Branding Questions?

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Carol Cool, speaker

Carol Cool, speaker and author, shares her experience of working with me (Heike Martin Photography) to get lifestyle branding images for her website, social media channels and marketing print needs. I couldn’t think of a better way to explain to you how my process works than asking Carol to share her own experience.